All Golden Grove High School students are represented by the Student Voice Executive Council on all decision-making committees within the school structure (eg, Governing Council, Finance Advisory Committee, Grounds, Facilities and Services Committee, ICT Reference Group, School Marketing, Promotions  and Communications Committee). Members of the Executive operate a vertical home group and receive formal leadership training. Active Year Level Councils operateat each year level and they support the student executive team.

Student Voice Executive is made up of 6 elected representatives from each year level 9 – 12 and are supported by 2 staff members.

Elections for Years 9-12 positions on the Student Executive are held in term 4 each year. The views of Year 8s are represented through the Year Level Council.

Meetings are held informally during Home Group in the mornings (sometimes extended by starting at 8.30am) and when possible during Student Voice fortnightly meeting times. To maintain stability/continuity Student Executive Members will remain for the whole year.

Interested groups, individuals as well as Year Level Councils may raise issues through Student Executive.

Student Voice manages a range of fundraising and social activities such as the school’s annual Talent Night to raise funds for our World Vision sponsor children. It also supports the hosting of the annual cross-campus assembly and cross-campus Governing Council Board's dinner, where the Student Voice Leaders are involved as both speakers and special guests.

Student Voice Leadership for 2022