Ourschool ICT

Golden Grove High School has implemented an Information and Communication Technology Strategy where ICT is embedded within the learning program and is supported by mobile electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

Technology is part of today’s world. Our students expect to communicate and gather information through the use of these devices. Our school is committed to an improvement strategy that provides students with access to modern learning tools so that students can Learn Anywhere Anytime.

ICT Access Assistance Videos

Our Student Voice have created some videos to assist students with online learning. Follow this link.

We now have a 1:1 laptop program, across Years 8 – 12.

Golden Grove High School uses 2 Laptop programs.

1) Laptop Purchase Portal - Recommended

To assist families, we use a laptop purchase portal so parents can order a laptop online that meets the school’s minimum specifications. It is not compulsory to purchase from this portal, but there are advantages in doing so.

2) BYOD strategy

This means families need to provide a laptop for their child to use to access school programs, electronic curriculum, software and the internet.

It is an expectation that students will bring their device to all lessons unless the teacher advises that it is not required for the specific task/lesson.

Daymap is our learning management system with functions for daily bulletins, lessons, lesson notes and student notes and does require the use of a laptop for access at school. External access to Daymap is also available to students and parents.

Learn Link

Learn Link is the Department for Education product that provides internet/email/portals in public schools.  It offers

  • Email and internet filtering
  • Automated identity management
  • Faster internet access
  • Larger mail box – 50 Gb
  • Personal web based storage – up to 1Tb in One Drive
  • Email attachments can be larger – up to 15Mb
  • Internet quotas based on monthly usage is increased

Login will be the same for all email access through Learn Link and passwords will need to change regularly – students will need to protect their password and remember it as well as the access questions when changing it in future.