I.D. Program
Individual Development Program

 In 2019 a group of teachers and leaders developed the I.D. Program known as I.D. (Individual Development) Program at Golden Grove High School with the aim of equipping our students with both the dynamic set of skills and dispositions they need to successfully navigate the world of school and beyond.

This program is delivered to all Year 7 to 12 students by Home Group Teachers in one 40 min lesson per week. In order to accommodate this, our timetable has been altered accordingly.




Teachers will be supported at times by student leaders and Year 10/11 Peer Leaders will provide regular support to the Year 7 and 8 Home Groups.

The curriculum has been designed based on the feedback from staff, school leaders and students and centers around the strands of Wellbeing, Futures, Identity and Citizenship. These strands flow vertically throughout the year levels to develop and strengthen students’ skills from one year to the next.

Wellbeing:   GGHS students are resilient and confident young people with the social and emotional skills to make strong connections to those around them.

Identity:        GGHS students believe in their strengths, qualities, abilities and have pride in their self -worth.

Futures:         GGHS students have the skills to collaborate, communicate and think critically and creatively to shape their futures.

Citizenship: GGHS students are ethical and active global citizens who respect and contribute positively to their communities.


The I.D. Program has been designed to be accessible to all learners. Each strand is defined by the skills and dispositions students will develop throughout their engagement in the program.

The curriculum delivered by Home Group Teachers and overseen by Sub School Leaders. They are supported by specialist teams who will continue to review the content of the curriculum in the coming years. The I.D. Program curriculum is aligned with both the SACE/Australian Curriculum general capabilities and our school values to ensure that students are building skills and understanding in relevant areas that are unique to our school. Students will not be formally assessed but their participation and development will be reviewed at the end of each semester as part of the Home Group report.




I.D. Program



Individual Development Program