As the Discovery Centre sits amidst the greater mainstream high school setting, we have the opportunity to work with mainstream students and staff to create a wholistic inclusive schooling environment. A relatively new focus, our leaders have been working extensively with mainstream teachers to offer students opportunities to develop relationships with mainstream students and engage in learning alongside them.

We have a long-standing history of our students engaging with student voice, participating with and as student voice leaders within the greater school. Students in the student leadership program attend a daily home group with mainstream students who are looking to enact change within the school.

We also engage with various faculties and programs around the school regularly where mainstream students come to work with our students and run programs and games for them. Some of our most recent successes include working with home economics, technology studies and engineering students. Students from programs such as Ice Factor also volunteer to spend time with our students working on reading and literacy skills, along with physical education and fitness skills.

We have found this initiative to be extremely beneficial, both for our students within the Discovery Centre and those in the mainstream school.  It has fostered a greater sense of inclusivity and a greater understanding of young people with disabilities.