Senior school 2020 3

Our students in the senior years  (Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12) are emerging young adults who have diverse needs and aspirations. We are committed to providing a challenging, dynamic, relevant and coherent curriculum, which promotes lifelong learning and produces responsible, independent critical thinkers and learners who act ethically and confidently in their personal, career and community life.

The Senior School is characterised by:

  • Positive and mutually respectful relationships between all members of the school community
  • A specific senior school study facility
  • Mentoring support available for individual students
  • Access to an enormous selection of SACE subjects available across the three campus schools
  • High achievement within a safe, secure and caring learning environment
  • Flexible curriculum and timetable structures to allow for the diverse interests of students. For example, some students study off-campus as part of VET programs, School Based Apprenticeship programs, and Flexible Learning Options (FLO) programs
  • Pathways which provide a seamless transition to employment and further education and training at universities or TAFE
  • High Quality teaching and learning.
  • Access to efficient and effective “state of the art” facilities and resources which are technology rich.

High Tertiary Entrance Scores leading to University and TAFE offers, combined with high levels of successful SACE completion are the accepted standard for Year 12 students attending Golden Grove High School. Our Annual Report provides specific achievement information each year.