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Homestay Accommodation

While studying at Golden Grove High School you can stay with a local caring family who provide homestay accommodation. All homestay accommodation is arranged for South Australian Government Schools through the International Education Services office at the Department for Education and is supported by the school. For more information about homestay accommodation and being a high school student in Adelaide, please visit the South Australian Government Schools website link:

Study Tour Homestay

For two weeks our Japanese Study Tour students are hosted by homestay families from the school and local community, organised by Golden Grove High School. Students take part in specialist English classes as well as classes in Food and Hospitality, Dance, Physical Education, Science, Maths, Technology and Aboriginal Studies. In addition, they participate in cultural excursions and experiences including Cleland or Gorge Wildlife Park, Adelaide Produce Market and the Adelaide Museum.

If you are a local family interested in hosting a Study Tour student, please contact Matt Zviedrans at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 82826400.

The application process is outlined at 
Please return your form to Matt Zviedrans at Golden Grove High School.

Host an International Student

South Australian Government Schools arrange homestay accommodation for international high school students while they are studying abroad in South Australia. As a local family hosting an international student, you will have the chance to:

  • learn about other cultures, customs and traditions
  • make lifelong friendships with your student and their family
  • participate in activities and meet other host families
  • explore fun things to see and do in South Australia 

International high school students can enrol in programs ranging from 1 term to 6 years. International Education Services carefully match students with homestay families according to the school the student will be attending, in addition to your family's preferences and the student's individual needs.

What is involved?

When you host an international student, they will become a member of your family. Your student will be a long way from home and in your care. You will be expected to provide them with a safe, supportive and welcoming home environment. As a homestay family, you will be required to provide:

  • a furnished bedroom inside the family home (not a separate dwelling)
  • all meals
  • use of utilities (i.e. water, electricity and gas)
  • internet access
  • use of facilities (e.g. access to TV, iron, vacuum cleaner)
  • laundry
  • support your student in their studies


  • monitor your student's health and well-being 
  • accept duty of care for your student outside of school hours
  • negotiate reasonable expectations of behaviour inside and outside the home
  • notify South Australian Government Schools of any changes in family circumstances (e.g. illness, separation, family members returning home, new partner, moving to a new house, planning holidays)
  • notify South Australian Government Schools if you are hosting other students from other education institutions

To help you along the way, South Australian Government Schools offer ongoing support to all homestay families and provide a 24 hour emergency phone service.

Homestay payments

Homestay families are paid a weekly fee, details of which will be given to all prospective families.
Please note homestay fees do not include:

  • personal items

If your student is participating in the High School Graduate Program, a room holding fee is charged when they are absent from your home on holidays. This ensures that your student's room remains exclusive to them.

It is the responsibility of your student and their parents to cover the cost of any damage and/or outstanding payments prior to leaving your home.

How to become a Homestay

Before you can host a student in your home, you must become an accredited homestay for South Australian Government Schools. This straightforward process includes:

  • completion of the Homestay Application Form (and return to Cheryl Watt)
  • approved criminal history screening from the Department for Families and Communities (DFC) for every person over 18 years of age residing in your home (which is reviewed every 3 years)
  • a visit and interview by one of International Education’s accommodation officers to meet your family and assess the facilities in your home