Golden Grove High School Discovery Centre is a Department for Education Northern Region option for students with an Intellectual disability. Applications for entry are developed in the Primary setting in the first term of Grade 7 and submitted to the Northern Region Office.

  • The Discovery Centre provides a Secondary pathway for students who are attending a primary school Special Class, or who have an Intellectual disability and have been supported in a mainstream primary school.
  • Curriculum is delivered with reference to the Australian Curriculum in classes of 6-8 students in the Middle School and in a composite class of Year 11/12 at senior level, with two teachers. All classes have an assisting School Support Officer.
  • Students will be integrated into a range of activities with mainstream students. These may include the Swimming Carnival, Student Voice and Year Level Council opportunities, Physical Education, Sports Day, Reading Buddies etc.
  • The Discovery Centre incorporates strategies to develop skills for personal independence and effective participation in society, including functional literacy and numeracy, communication, social skills and work skills.
  • Students participate in a wide range of recreational and sporting programs and in appropriate work experience and work placement with the support of training and employment agencies for young people with disabilities such as Phoenix Industries and Barkuma.
  • All students participate in a weekly Community Access program of off-site learning. Emphasis is placed on transport routines, money transactions, personal safety, personal organisation and community participation and access.
  • Students access the full range of facilities available at Golden Grove High School and are included in all aspects of student life on the campus.
  • Family members are welcome to nominate for Governing Council representation.

Eligibility to Apply for District Panel Placement Process

Students who are attending a primary school special class, other special option setting or who have an intellectual disability and have been supported in a mainstream primary school are eligible to apply for consideration for placement at the Golden Grove High School Discovery Centre. The application and placement process is managed by the Regional Office. All initial enquiries regarding enrolment at the Golden Grove High School Discovery Centre should be directed to the school secretary on 8282 6400 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.