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Two student Wellbeing Leaders support students with personal, course and career advice. The Wellbeing Hub is where the Wellbeing Leaders are located.  More information about the Wellbeing Hub can be found here

A Student Services Team approach is in place and all key staff who provide support meet on a regular basis. Students are referred to the team and a case manager may be assigned to provide ongoing support to an individual student.

A Peer Support program operates, with Year 11 students accepting particular responsibility for Year 8 students. There is planned support and training, in particular to support the Year 7-8 transition program.
Students in Year 8, 9 10 and 11 are taken through specific seminars to address strategies related to bullying and harassment during the first half of each year. Emphasis is placed on the quality of relationships between students, teachers and parents.

Student Management

The school has a well-documented policy on the management of student behaviour. The Deputy Principal and Assistant Principals accept significant responsibility in administering the policy. They work closely with year level leaders (one appointed at each year level).

A Time Out Room supports staff and students in managing inappropriate classroom behaviour. A school detention system operates to support the overall policy.

Flexible Learning Options (FLO) is a mentoring and case management program used to support small groups of students significantly at risk of leaving school early. The program has a strong VET and community service base.

We have a specially designed Lesson Attendance Monitoring system called DayMap. All lesson attendance is recorded and monitored on a daily basis and parents are encouraged to contact the school to notify us of any student absence.

Student Services

Several areas have been set aside to provide Student Services. Students must have a note from their teacher to access these areas during lesson times.

Student Services (Admin Building opposite the lift)

  • Fee payments
  • General enquiries
  • Early departures
  • Late arrivals
  • First aid

Reception Desk Admin Building

  • Hand in assignments

C Block Reception

  • Lost property
  • Extra notices
  • Loan uniforms
  • Timetables

Golden Grove Library

This Resource Centre is for Year 8-10 students only. A homework help club operates after school Tuesday to Thursday afternoons.

  • Open 8.30am – 4.00pm


Thiele is the learning centre for senior school students at GGHS.


Lesson Times

 Lesson/Session Start       Finish     
 Locker Bell  8:35  
 Home Group  8:45   9:00
 Lesson 1  9:00   9:40
 Lesson 2  9:40  10:25
 Recess warning bell 10.45 10:25  10:50
 Lesson 3 10:50  11:35
 Lesson 4 11:35  12:20
 Lesson 5 12:20   1:05
 Lunch warning bell 1:35  1:05   1:45
 Lesson 6  1:45   2:30
 Lesson 7  2:30   3:10
 Dismissal  3:10