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Peter Kuss

Deputy Prinicipal

Mike Meredith (Director of Learning & Curriculum)

Assistant Principals

Meg Fay 
(Learning Innovation, School Operations & Timetabling)

Nick Sward 
(Pedagogy & Learning)

Greg Walkom 
(Senior Schooling, Learning Innovation & SACE)

Vikki Walkom 
(Learner Support)


Belinda Noack

Tim Potter

Business Manager

Sue Ruciack

School Finance Officer
School Card Liaison &
Fee Enquiries

Melissa Ruciack

Year 8 Level Leader

Michael Foot

Year 9 Level Leader

Matt Sharpe

Year 10 Level Leader

Sylvie McLaren

Year 11 Level Leader

Richard Thomas

Year 12 Level leader

Kathy Hodgson

Defence Force Mentor

Linda DeBoer
(Defence Force – Student / Family Support)

Community Liaison Officer

Ruth Stanton

Vocational Education & Work Experience

Ruth Burton


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