Golden Grove High School has a well-established Environmental Action Team (EAT). This team is led by the school’s Sustainability Coordinator and includes a dedicated team of staff who volunteer their time to engage the school community in a range of sustainability-related projects, and a range of students from Student Voice who are passionate about the environment.

Our vision is to have an educated and informed school community that recognises that they have a moral responsibility (personally and collectively) for the environment that motivates action through knowledge and respect for the environment around us. Our school is actively working towards intra-generational equality, ensuring future generations benefit from our efforts in engaging with sustainable practices.

Some of the key achievements of the EAT over the last couple of years include:

  • Planted a range of herbs for use in Home Economics kitchen, and purchased a compost tumbler to be actively used in the school to re-use our green waste in a meaningful and sustainable way
  • 2016 Sports Day was a ‘Zero Waste Day’, with no rubbish from GGHS going to land fill from this event
  • Significant reduction in paper usage through a variety of strategies
  • Establishment of Year 8 Tree Planting Day which occurs twice a year and engages students in the wider community, specifically at Cobbler Creek National Park, by giving them the opportunity to plant trees and learn about the cultural significance of the land
  • Only secondary site asked to present at the 2015 NRM Education Sustainability Showcase Awards ceremony
  • Our School Environment Management Plan (SEMP) was used as example by the Natural Resources Management Board (NRM) in America as “best SEMP for secondary schools” working with NRM
  • Articles promoting sustainability at GGHS in The Messenger, Australian Teacher Magazine, AEU Magazine and NRM Newsletter
  • Formation of Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) which is a passionate group of students who met once a fortnight to raise concerns and offer student-led initiatives in the field of sustainability
  • Raised approximately $1500 from recycling plastic bottles and cans – this was a whole school effort
  • Featured in NRM promotional video about ‘Student Voice and Sustainability’

For information, please contact our Sustainability Coordinator, Kirsty Wallis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 In March 2019 our school featured in the NRM's Weekly Digest with an article about embedding sustainability within our school practices.

In 2018, GGHS was selected as the feature school for South Australia's Natural Resource Management (NRM) Board's promotional video regarding exceptional sustainable practises in a secondary school setting. Click here to view the highlights of what GGHS has to offer in this field, proving that individuals and small actions can help make a difference.

Wipe Out Waste (WOW) Case Study

Click here to view the NRM Promotional Pamphlet which features work done by GGHS students in 2016.

Click here to view an article on GGHS's Environmental Action Team's work which was published in the August 2016 Australian Teachers Magazine.