Enrolment at Golden Grove High School is based on residence in the zoned area according to the department guidelines outlined below.

1 Adey Place, Golden Grove

Students living in the area bounded by the northern boundary of the Golden Grove Development, Richardson Road, Golden Grove Road, Hancock Road, Yatala Vale Road, Golden Grove Road, Grenfell Road, Coalport Terrace, Sandpiper Court, Maxlay Road as far as Brunel Drive and then west to The Golden Way to McIntyre Road to the eastern boundaries of the suburbs of Para Hills, Salisbury East and Salisbury Heights will be enrolled if they apply for Golden Grove.

The zoning map can be viewed here or further information can be found here.

A limited number of vacancies are available through application to the Golden Grove High School Discovery Centre or Special Interest Dance Programs.  Click here for details on the Enrolment process.