Vocational Education and Training (VET) is nationally accredited training attached to national competencies and structured workplace learning. Students, who undertake a VET course, achieve national competencies to gain either a nationally accredited certificate or parchment (part of a Certificate). Successful achievement of VET outcomes are recognised as part of the SACE.

This will allow students to:

  • explore vocational options
  • acquire employment specific competencies
  • undertake traineeships and apprenticeships within an educational and industry context.

In 2020, students are able to undertake VET both within the curriculum and externally from Year 10 level. (Some funding is dependent on student age.)

Golden Grove High School offers a range of flexible learning options for students to complete VET competencies and qualifications.

As part of the wider curriculum, certificates offered and competencies gained gain credits at SACE Stage 1 Level and some qualifications offered are recognised at Stage 2 Level. The following qualifications are offered at Golden Grove High School.

Students interested in VET need to complete an application process during course counselling each year. School attendence and academic progress are also considered.

VET Courses can be studied onsite, through the One+ Campus, NEVO partnership and other trusted RTO's.

On site options include:

  • Electronics/Electrotechnology
  • Food Processing (Cafe Skills and Barista)


One+ is the only Secondary Campus in the Southern hemisphere representing an alliance between the three sectors of education. In the knowledge that Shared Learning and Cross Campus Study provides more choice and opportunity than any standalone school, families are encouraged to take advantage of a position in any one of the three excellent secondary schools on Campus. We are committed to excellence in teaching and learning and we work creatively and collaboratively to expand learning opportunities. Our three Schools have shared resources, facilities and most importantly, learning, for over 30 years. The Campus reputation for providing opportunities for student success and quality education is well known within our School Communities and education sectors. Working in partnership to grow student pathways and opportunities for success is something in which we take great pride.

Our One+ Shared Learning VET offerings for students enrolled at any of the One+ Campus schools are:

  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Micro-Business
  • Individual Support


North Eastern Vocational Opportunities (NEVO) is a group of local secondary schools who work together to provide a greater range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities to students. NEVO increases the amount of nationally recognised courses students are able to undertake while studying their SACE.

Students also have the opportunity to study VET courses run by external Registered Training Organisations, such as TAFE SA and Clip Joint.

 NEVO Courses include:

  • Certificate II Automotive
  • Certificate II Hairdressing - Salon Assistant
  • Certificate II  Construction
  • Certificate III Screen + Media (AIE)

Part-Time School-Based Apprenticeships/Traineeships

We have an ever increasing number of students participating in Australian School-Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs) whilst continuing their general studies. The employment/work based component of an ASBA is flexible to support student needs. Students gain valuable experience and qualifications in their chosen field, and can also count their successful training as part of the SACE. School workloads are adjusted accordingly, by negotiation.

ASBAs are negotiated either by the student finding employment through a part-time job, relative, friend, or simply calling businesses, or through the Vocational Learning and Student Pathways Coordinator and the regional based Apprenticeship Broker. Students and parents can make an appointment to see the Apprenticeship Broker through the Vocational Learning and Student Pathways Coordinator.

Work Experience

The 'Guide to Workplace Learning for Parents and Caregivers' can be accessed here.

The 'Guide to Workplace Learning for Students' can be accessed here.

The 'Guide to Workplace Learning for Workplace Providers' can be accessed here.

Current Offerings

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