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Our focus on STEM at Golden Grove High School is driven by evidence that the demand for skills in STEM, especially in our growing defence, mining, bioscience, clean tech and food industries is outpacing the supply of skilled men and women. Current trends indicate that the number of jobs requiring STEM skills in SA will increase significantly by 2020. These jobs will be most specifically in the areas of construction, engineering, mining, food production and advanced manufacturing.

All of these STEM fields require students to have rigorous backgrounds in areas such as Mathematics, Physics, Electronics and Chemistry.

At Golden Grove High School we aim to ensure that students graduate with high level skills and competencies in the STEM disciplines. We are continually developing and/or improving strategies, initiatives, and programs associated with STEM.

A copy of the government’s STEM Skills Strategy can be viewed by clicking here

At Golden Grove High School, we have a wonderful Trade Training Centre. This along with our shared facilities enables us to provide quality learning experiences in STEM disciplines.

STEM at Golden Grove High School is committed to:

  • Providing challenging and rewarding extracurricular activities such as National Youth Science Forums, National Competitions, Pedal Prix, Science and Engineering Challenge, Growsmart and Industry Placements, PICSE (Primary Industries Centre for Science Education)
  • Providing engaging curriculum opportunities in the middle school for STEM subjects
  • Providing teachers with relevant skills and resources to support student learning
  • Giving students opportunities to participate in activities, events and other initiatives involving STEM
  • Increasing retention in STEM subjects at Senior School
  • Foster sustainable partnerships with Business, Industry, Community and Tertiary groups to enhance students learning
  • Providing students an awareness, knowledge and skillset that encourages graduates leave school with the intention to gain the qualifications that will support their employment in STEM related occupations.

Advanced Technology Project

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We are currently a part of the Advanced Technology Project which focuses on project middle school STEM curriculum.

The Advanced Technology Project is an initiative funded by the Commonwealth Department of Defence and managed by the Department for Education and Child Development.

The Project aims to increase the number of students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and increase the pool of young people ready to move from school into higher or further education, apprenticeships, scholarships etc and Industry. The Project also aims to increase employer awareness of their options for recruiting young people. 

There are twenty four schools involved in the Project based in the northern, southern and western metropolitan regions and they include independent and catholic schools.

The Advanced Technology Project has resulted in opportunities for teachers and students in industry tours, mentoring and the development of curriculum materials. Professional Development for teachers has also included the opportunity to spend time within a university, TAFE or industry.

For more information please contact Meg Fay, Assistant Principal/Learning Innovation at Golden Grove High School on 8282 6400.

For more information on the Advanced Technology Project please go to the following site: