The CLC draws FLO students from the NESPN (North East Secondary Principals Network) Partnership.

The CLC offers an alternative environment, a smaller community of students, educators and Case Managers. It provides a more flexible timetable, a variety of engagement programs, SACE Courses – Stage 1, PLP, Stage 1 compulsory Essential English and compulsory Maths, Stage 2 Research Project, negotiated Certificate courses, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, imbedded with specific courses, accredited learning and volunteering opportunities.

Each student has a personal timetable and pathway.

Referral to the CLC assumes the student has some degree of SACE readiness and learning engagement.

Students referred to the CLC must be have evidence of successful engagement in their chosen curriculum before any conversation for re-engagement with GGHS subjects.

The Coordinator of the CLC will liaise with the Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing and the Assistant Principal - SACE to plan any possible re-engagement with GGHS subject offerings.

CLC is located at the Tea Tree Gully TAFE Campus. You can access their website here.