“A book is a dream you hold in your hand.”- Neil Gaiman.

English at Golden Grove High School provides all our students with a way in which to view the world and experience it through a variety of means.  In particular, our focus is on providing variety for our students in order to respond to and create texts.  Students develop their literacy skills as well as their critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills in order to prepare them for a future of rapid change.  Our focus is to expose students to the past, the present and every possibility of the future through reading, watching, creating, imagining and interacting with texts - both published and their own original creative works.

Our belief of developing a love of language, literature and critical thinking is fostered through exposing students to works and encouraging them to switch on when they walk through our English doors. Students are encouraged to look at the world through the lens of people from all walks of life: from explorers, magicians and historians to politicians, poets, freedom fighters, and more. 

At Golden Grove High School, we strive to have students across Years 8 to 12 engage with a variety of texts from novels, short stories, and film through to plays, performances and poetry. Students also engage in shorter, more modern texts such as blogs, v-logs, short television programming, magazines, newspapers and news broadcasts just to name a few. While creating texts, students are urged to fight for what they believe in, activate their voices, create their own short stories and pen their own creations. Students are also encouraged to read for pleasure through their independently directed reading programs and in senior school, they are guided in shaping their own area of independent study as part of their external assessment.

We also strive to cater for the needs for a variety of students’ strengths and attributes in English.  This ensures that we can support the needs of our learners with literacy support classes in middle school but are also able to develop range and rigour through our extension programs and Literary Studies classes in senior school. English is one of the most popular subjects freely chosen in Year 12 at Golden Grove and our highly experienced and innovative team strive to inspire a love of learning and literature through their captivating teaching.

For any further information in regards to English here at Golden Grove High School, please see our Curriculum Handbooks and Flow Chart or contact our English Learning Area Leader at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.